Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Seasons change..

Today the weather is harsh the nape of my neck is the driest I've had in years, the soles of my feet could bruise a baby's soft skin even de-thread a blanket. hmmmm harmattan!
With every effort at protective styling, moisturizing and staying hydrated, nothing seemed to be working, my hair was in disarray,my heels  and my skin, the topic of an epic novel.

 My hair dry as bristles of an old brush, I wrap a scarf securely around my head covering up the messy bunch; then she pulls the scarf without the slightest warning; ''when are you making your hair sef? abi you don't have money? can't you relax it? (as if I wasn't having a bad hair day already).

Reluctant to answer the questions and cause a scene I spoke from my RENEWED mind; ''My decision to go natural was totally mine, I don't harass you when you attach synthetics to your head'' (not so renewed but...) your guess as good as mine; total silence.

Then the taunting image of work floods my mind, where the fan blows overhead like the northern desert winds I mean it was bad enough that the air was coarse and dusty, I have to put up with a cranky ceiling fan blowing hot air like pursed lips blowing air.

Recovering from the scald on my tongue, (an ugly reminder never to drink a boiling cup of tea) The day went by at snail pace. As I sat at my desk staring at the bright computer screen, in my mind I was prancing the office space screaming my best rock tune all in a bid to get the tempo up.
It was in all this that I noticed the wrinkly fingers that moved around the keyboard, was I getting old?...hahahahahaha no of course not it was the harmattan my skin was drying out, what were you expecting? I had almost emptied a tube of hand cream in a bid to get it velvety smooth..all that one na for advert.

Just then at the corner of my eye I caught the image of my colleague recklessly picking his nose, you'd think he lost a pen in there...harmattan he'd be fair to him, your nose gets dry and tingly from breathing in all that dusty air. O boy! ever heard of a handkerchief? maybe not.

happy thoughts, happy thoughts I sang to myself as the clock struck 5 you could almost hear my sigh of relief from the room was then end of another day I continue to battle the weather, more protective styling, moisturizing and hydrating for my hair, and a lot of water and moisturizer for my skin as well.Maybe the weather will be kind enough...see you lovely skin and hair at the end of the season.(harmattan is no excuse to look scruffy!!! I don't intend to).


  1. Funny enough Harmattan is my favourite season!

    1. I like the season for the cold and nothing gets so dry..